The original gates and railings which – as you know – were a key feature of the Morgan in its Victorian parkland settings, were removed for the war effort in 1942.schoolrail1

The rebuilding provides a unique opportunity to complete the full restoration of the Morgan by reinstating the gates and railings.

The FP Association has set itself the task of bringing that about.

To envisage the completed job, look at what’s been done across the road at Baxter Park.

We can do that at the Morgan.

We are to receive considerable support from Dundee City Council and from Historic Scotland. This is essential in meeting the funding requirements, which are estimated to be around £650,000.


June 2007 – phase 1 has been completed, thanks to the generosity of FPs, Dundee City Council and Historic Scotland.

Check out the Gallery page for photographs of the Opening Ceremony.

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