Morgan Academy Former Pupils’ Association


Morgan Academy Book of Remembrance for World War II

The Morgan Academy Former Pupils’ Association, with generous support from The Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee, commissioned the reproduction of the School’s Book of Remembrance for those who fell in the Second World War.

In 2001, the School (a grade A listed building) suffered a major fire which destroyed much of the building and its artefacts. The School, fortunately, has now been rebuilt and very successfully too.

The fire also claimed the School’s Book of Remembrance for The Fallen of World War II which was displayed in a cabinet in the vestibule. It was a work of art beautifully created by the Art Department in the 1950s; it was bound in dark blue goatskin and drawn in full colour and richly illuminated and gilded.

There was a page for each of the fallen – 102 from the School made the supreme sacrifice – all laid out in exactly the same design showing the branch of the service, then the name of the casualty followed by the years at the School and the circumstances of death. Each page also bore the badge of the appropriate service or regiment. (See list below)

The FP Association determined to reproduce the book. It proved a daunting task made particularly difficult by the fact no copy of the book existed. However, the team charged with the book’s re-creation bent to their task and the work was completed in time for a formal hand-over to take place at a rededication service held in the School on 9 November 2018.

List of The Fallen

Flt Lt Alexander Anderson, RAF; Peter Anderson, Merchant Navy; Sgt Ronald Bain, RAF; John S Baird, Merchant Navy; Sgt Pilot David J S Balfour, RAF; Pilot Officer George Baxter, RAF; Pilot Officer Alexander C Beattie, RAF; Flt Sgt James Bell, RAF; Lt Ronald J Birnie, Army Air Corps; Sgt Edward Blacklaw, RAF; Surg Lt Lyon R Blair, Royal Navy; Flt Sgt Hugh A A Bodin, RAF; Lt William H Bowie, The Black Watch; Sgt George W Brown, RAF; Flt Sgt William Bruce, RAF; Henry D Buist, Merchant Navy; Flt Sgt Robert Charles, RAF; Flt Sgt Frederick Christie, RAF; Pilot Officer Ian P Clark, RAF; Bdr William G Connelly, Royal Artillery; Flt Sgt William H Cowman, RAF; LAC James Craig, RAF; Lt Albert B Crockatt, Royal Engineers; Sgt Kenneth M Davidson, RAF; John T Dick, Merchant Navy; Cpl James B Duncan, RAF; LAC Albert B Elder, RAF; Cpl John M B Falconer, The Black Watch; Pilot Officer T D Fotheringham, RAF; Fl Officer Edward H Galloway, RAF; Alexander B Graham, Merchant Navy; Flt Officer Alistair J Heathfield, RAF; Sgt Alistair A S Heggie, RAF; Pilot Officer Ronald L Hendry, RAF; Lt Robert S Hepburn, Royal Marines; Flt Sgt Robert Herbert, RAF; CQMS Andrew T Hodge, The Black Watch; Ld Airman Harry Holman, Fleet Air Arm; Pilot Officer David J Hovell, RAF; Pilot Observer David G Hutchison, RAF; Pt Ronald E John, New Zealand Expeditionary Force; Flt Sgt Ronald S Johnstone, RAF; Pt John H Johnstone, The Royal Scots; Fl Officer Falconer M Kennedy, RAF; Lt Andrew D Latto, The Sikh Regiment; Pilot Officer John D Lenaham, RAF; Flt Sgt David Livingston, RAF; Pilot Officer Victor Lowson, RAF; Sgt John C Macaulay, RAF; Cpt John Mason, Royal Artillery; Fl Officer Ronald S McAra, RAF; Sgt Pilot Donald K McFarland, RAF; Wt Officer Douglas S McGregor, RAF; Flt Lt George L S McHardy, RAF; Pilot Officer Donald T McLaren, RAF; Sgt Colin S Menzies, RAF; Pt Thomas McNair, Seaforth Highlanders; ACM Robert C Millar, RAF; John C Moncur, Merchant Navy; Pilot Officer John M Napier, RAF; Eng Officer Charles Paterson, Merchant Navy; Sgt David C Pennycook, RAF; Sgt Pilot Archibald E Prain, RAF; Flt Sgt Philip J R Pratt, RAF; Wt Officer Ernest Raeburn, South African Air Force; Sgt Ernest Reid, Royal Artillery; Sgt Harry S Robertson, Royal Marines; Sgt George S Rye, RAF; Flt Lt Ian W Saunders, RAF; L Sgt Arthur H Scofield,Royal Armoured Corps; Off Std Robert K Scott, Royal Navy; PO Lennox Scott, Royal Navy; L Bdr James A Shepherd, Royal Artillery; L Sgt George J C Simmie, Royal Engineers; Flt Sgt Hay G Simpson, RAF; Ld Airman Charles F Sivewright, Fleet Air Arm; Lt James Smeaton, Fleet Air Arm; Lt Sidney Smith, Seaforth Highlanders; Sgt Johnstone Stewart, RAF; Pilot Officer Leonard S Stewart, RAF; Pt Frederick A Strachan, Army Air Corps; Cpt Kenneth Strathearn, Airborne Forces: Pilot Officer George Summers, RAF; ACM Derek S Thomson, RAF; Rd Officer James Thornton, Royal Navy; Tpr Ronald Todd, Royal Armoured Corps; Sgt Reginald G Tucker, RAF; Tpr William J Tyrie, Royal Armoured Corps; Rmn Douglas H Walker, The Cameronians; Lt Archibald M Wallace, The Black Watch; Sgt Pilot Ian Wallace, RAF; Flt Sgt William G Warden, RAF; Sgt Bruce B Warren, RAF; Sgt John Watson, Royal Army Service Corps; Fl Officer David Watson, RAF; Lt Cecil L Watt, Royal Engineers; Sgt Pilot John Webb, RAF; Eng John T Wilson, Merchant Navy; Sgt Alexander D Wilson, RAF; Fl Officer William R Woodcock, RAF; Sgt Ronald D Yeaman, RAF; Flt Lt Richard G Young, RAF.