The Gold Leng Medal Competition has existed since the early 1900’s and has been held annually over the past hundred years. The competition was created to promote Scottish heritage and Scottish songs with the younger generation in Dundee and parts of Angus. The Leng Medal Trust has certainly succeeded in its aim and is still a very popular and important competition in Dundee.

Morgan’s own Marceli Guziewicz (S4) and Rachael Adam (S2) excelled themselves in this year’s competition which was held on 29th April at the Music Centre in Dundee. Marceli and Rachael competed against a very high calibre of young singers from many of the Dundee schools. Both Marceli and Rachael won the Gold Medals – a fantastic outcome for the pair and for the school. Very well done to both of them and thank you to all in the Music Department for supporting Marceli and Rachael both in relation to this important competition and more generally over their years in the department.