School Trip to USA, October 2014

Over the October holidays a group of senior pupils and 5 staff embarked on the educational trip of a lifetime to the USA. The trip was organised and led by Mr Thompson in Modern Studies and was supported by Mrs Geddes, Mr Davidson, Mrs Low and Mr Boyne.

The trip was an immense success and the pupils can now rightly claim to be a credit to their school on a worldwide scale. The 8 day visit was centred in Washington DC and New York and included day trips to Alexandria and Gettysburg. Highlights included the White House,the US Congress and the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial in Washington

New York highlights included the UNioted nations, the Statue of Liberty and the 9/11 at Ground Zero. Many other visits to historical building, monuments and places were crammed into an action packed trip.

Mr Thompson would like to thank MAFPA and the Alexandria Twinning Association for providing funding for the trip hoodies which helped to keep the pupils visibleand safe , but also brought about a greast deal of interest and discussion from locals keen to engage with pupils and staff.

Meal proportions may have been huge in the USA, but the pupils burned the calories by walking somewhere in the region of 50 miles, with a half marathon being completed in just one day in Washington DC!

All in all it was an experience the pupils will never forget!

Images of the visit can be seen on Instagram by searching for Morganmodernstudies.